This masterclass will be held in English by Dr. Nicola Pezzotti. This is what he will discuss in his masterclass:

AI is affecting, and will increasingly affect, the way we work. In this talk I will present how AI requires a new development approach, with a focus on multidisciplinary teams and co-creation. I will present the success story of Philips winning participation in the fastMRI challenge presented at NeurIPS; the leading AI conference. Finally, I will show how AI will support radiologists in their clinical workflow, enhancing their productivity rather than replacing them.

Nicola Pezzotti is a Senior Scientist at Philips Research and Assistant Professor at TU Eindhoven, where he researches AI techniques for medical imaging and keeps close relationships with academic partners. Besides his experience in the startup world, he obtained the PhD Cum Laude from Delft University of Technology and joined INRIA and Google AI as visiting scientist. He is recipient of several awards, including the IEEE VGTC Best Dissertation Award and the Dirk Bartz Prize for visual computing in medicine.